Quality Targets

  1. At least 90% of FPSCS UII graduates get a job in the first six months after graduation.
  2. At least 90% of FPSCS UII students graduate punctually according to the standard study period.
  3. FPSCS UII faculty members attain excellent scores of at least 90% on pedagogic, social and professional performances
  4. UII competencies, which include Islamic values, nationalism, entrepreneurship, and English language skills are achieved with a good score of at least 90%.
  5. There is at least one undergraduate study program that obtains an international accreditation.
  6. At least 5% of FPSCS UII faculty members have international scientific publications.
  7. At least 1% of  FPSCS UII faculty members are international lecturers.
  8. At least 1% of  FPSCS UII students are international students.