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Chemical Engineering Fundamental 1

Chemical Engineering Fundamental 1 Laboratory is used to study pH measurement of solutions, measurement of partial volume of compounds, molecular weights of gases, weak acid balance reactions, starch hydrolysis reactions, manufacture of salicylic acid and also isolation of chemical components from natural ingredients (essential oils).

Chemical Engineering Fundamental 2

Chemical Engineering Fundamental 1 Laboratory is used to introduce various chemical analyzes such as determination of density and viscosity, volumetric analysis, volumetric and gravimetric quantitative analysis, colligative properties of solutions: freezing point depression and boiling point elevation of solutions, identification of dyestuffs by chromatographic methods and also spectrophotometric analysis and electrochemistry

Computation and Simulation

Computation and Simulation Laboratory is used to introduce the principles of problem solving in Chemical Engineering, or engineering drawings with the help of several software such as ASPEN, MATLAB and AUTOCAD.

Chemical Engineering Operations

Chemical Engineering Operations Laboratory is used tointroduce the operating principles of chemical engineering such as fluid flow; sifting; fluid mixing; filtration; sedimentation; fluidization; vapor-liquid equilibrium; absorption; extraction; distillation; evaporation; drying; heat exchangers; and process control


Research laboratory is used to conduct various research experiments for students and lecturers regarding research programs.