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For International Students

Faculty of Psychology and Socio-Cultural Sciences at Universitas Islam Indonesia (FPSCS UII) offers various study programs to help you reach your dreams. There are undergraduate study programs of Psychology, Communication Sciences, English Language Education, and International Relations and the graduate program of Professional Psychology. International programs with English as the medium of instruction are available in undergraduate programs of Communication Science and International Relations. Please visit the link below for further information.


The following scholarships are organized by the University Student Funding team. These scholarships provide opportunities for international students to be part of FPSCS UII and to enhance exchange in education, mutual understanding and friendship between countries. Please click the link below for more information on the scholarships offered and the requirements.

International Student Support

FPSCS UII is committed to guide all our international students through their journey at Universitas Islam Indonesia. We offer services to guarantee that you have an immersive student experience here.

Bahasa Indonesia bagi Penutur Asing (BIPA) means Indonesian Language for Foreign Speakers,  aiming to introduce the Indonesian language and culture for International students. It also prepares students to be able to interact and communicate with Bahasa Indonesia, either in their classroom or daily activities.

UII Learning Center provides assistance for students’ transition from school life to university life. It also helps students to manage any academic issues that might impact students in UII, including time management, academic adjustment, stress management, challenges in academic writing and speaking, critical thinking skills, etc.

Office of International Affairs (OIA) is responsible to manage UII’s internationalization, which includes: 1) evaluating and conducting intensive international cooperation with partner institutions abroad, (2) providing assistance for international students in terms of immigration administrations, campus orientation, and academic consultation from the preparation of arrival to UII to the completion of their study, (3) supporting the course of study for UII students participating in collaboration programs with partner universities abroad, and (4) fostering collaboration for guest lectures and foreign research.


FPSCS UII provides several programs for international students to gain meaningful experiences in their academic journey at Universitas Islam Indonesia.

International Program (IP) is international class managed by  several undergraduate study programs at Universitas Islam Indonesia. IP classes use English as the language of instruction. FPSCS UII  has two study programs with IP classes; Communication Sciences and International Relations.

FPSCS UII provides an annual short course called International Intensive Course on Islamic Psychology (IICIP) to increase insight about Islamic psychology. For more information about the program, please access the following link

FPSCS UII encourages students, staff and lecturers to participate in International events and activities to expand their knowledge and develop their career at the International level. For further information, please visit https://www.uii.ac.id/en/mobility/